The metro New York area has a vibrant and dynamic commercial real estate market, even in these challenging times. This includes light industrial as well as mixed use buildings, apartment buildings, garages, repair shops, retail and professional buildings and the like.

It takes a team of real estate professionals with "hands on" and know how to properly market and sell these unique and often challenging listings.

Whereas the typical national commercial real estate brokers may be focused on very large projects such as shopping centers and huge commercial projects, Gotham REO is uniquely equipped to list and sell the smaller commercial properties with speed and success. Gotham's brokers have years of local hands on selling experience. Gotham has listed and sold the smaller and local commercial properties time and time again. We know our market and know what it takes to turn your smaller commercial listings into sales.

What do we do for our commercial properties?

  • Prepare accurate valuations based upon real time market conditions     
  • Work with occupants to vacate or to reinstate rental payments, as required by client
  • Restore premises to marketable condition for optimal resale value
  • Ensure the widest possible exposure to potential buyers

all with the goal of getting our clients the quickest and best possible results, each and every time