We are specializing in ANY distressed property situation, whether at pre-foreclosure status for a Short Sale or Deed In Lieu handling or after foreclosure for management and marketing.


Gotham REO is owned by a licensed real estate broker who has over 15 years experience in the REO industry, Commercial or Residential. The principals of Gotham REO personally handle every file. There is no outsourcing to third-parties. No middlemen. No excuses.


Gotham REO is located in the heart of Queens County, in New York City. The office’s central location gives us a quick and easy access to Nassau County, Bronx County, Kings County (Brooklyn) and Richmond County (Staten Island). Where we are situated means everything to our clients.  Because Gotham REO is only minutes away from every listing means that all properties entrusted to us are monitored and reported as required.


Gotham REO is a boutique, hands on office. Its clients, typically hedge funds, servicers and direct lenders have all found Gotham’s size to be an advantage when speed, accuracy and immediate service are a must.


Gotham REO is a technology driven firm. We have access to ResNet, Equator and all other portals required by most REO companies to initiate and complete the file processing in a timely manner. In addition, its principals can be reached via email or phone 24/7/365.